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Meg Vicary


"Art is my way of exploring ideas, thoughts, emotions and stories. I use colour, shape, composition and symbols to express myself.  


I usually work in two different styles, one of these is a collection of portraits of women, couples and mothers and their newborn babies. These portraits tell stories of human relationships and emotions: falling in and out of love, connection with someone and later disconnecting, acceptance and rejection, euphoria and pain. This style of work has been inspired by French artist George Barbier, traditional Japanese woodblock prints and artist Ikenaga Yasunari.


My other style of work has been inspired by my own emotional experiences in this life. This series of work is more symbolic. For example the starry night sky represents hope, and the little circles around the borders symbolise the life and death cycle of all things (life and death of phases etc).


Most of my paintings represent certain aspects of human life and emotions. I have given them meaning but it is up to the viewer to find their own interpretation and meaning if they find any at all."

Sold Works

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