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An Exhibition by Sharon Whitewood

Come and join us to celebrate the opening of Nana Glen Artist, Sharon Whitewood's exhibition at Artspace on 45. This beautiful body of work will be showing with us until the 3rd of May. Below you can read Sharon's Artist statement to gain an understanding of the story and inspiration behind her work.

I am a self-taught Artist, exploring how to represent images arising from dreams and half waking states. I work with acrylics on canvas and sometimes on paper. I started painting with acrylics in my teenage years but the requirement to earn a living diverted me into training, consulting and personal development work. Over the decades I have experimented with mosaics and pottery but coming back to painting is like coming home. While I have no formal accreditation, I have had the good fortune to have guidance from artist/teachers and tutors in community art groups. My images are drawn from dreams, half-waking states, and influenced by nature. The detail of native plants, the sweep of clouds, and the frame of bare trees against the skyline are rich sources of inspiration. I seek to express the meaning and messages in these images. Many people ask what my paintings are about and so I have written poems as an added dimension to these works. I feel that these images come from my connection to the ‘collective unconscious’. I have always been interested by Carl G Jung’s work and his perspective on the complexity of the Human Mind. Jung’s work highlights common archetypes that cultures across the world share. So I hope my images can resonate across cultures. I also see the significance in using colour, line and shape to express a vibrancy and energy. I am influenced by the imagination of others such as authors of science-fiction/fantasy – nothing like a good book to open the doors of the mind!

To view more of Sharon's artwork check out her facebook page and website:

Where: Artspace on 45, 45 Gale Street, Coramba When: Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm Cost: Nil A complimentary afternoon tea will be provided

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